Bedroom Package - 1 Bedroom Dwelling

Boxes To Go

- 10 Small - best for heavy items ceramic dinner plates/glasses/books

- 17 Medium - best for small appliances folded clothes,

- 4 Large - best for bulky items, blankets, toys

- 2 Extra Large - best for linens, quilts, large toys

- 1 Dish Pack/PLUS Divider Kits for Dish Packs- best for fine dinnerware and wine glasses

- 3 Large Wardrobe Boxes - best for Suits and Dresses

- 2 55 yard Rolls

Recommendation of package based on experience of Movers. Please use as a guideline. Suggest you look at other parts of this website for Picture/Mirror Boxes, Mattress Boxes and Bags, Specialty  Boxes (eg: Guitar Box, Flat Panel TV boxes), packing paper and loose fill, bubble wrap and other packing supplies such as Stretch Film